Samstag, 3. Januar 2009


Hallo Blogwelt, hi blogworld,

was soll ich sagen? Ich bin begeistert!!!!!
Einen Tag nach versenden meiner Mail, hatte ich bereits Antwort aus den USA (leider komme ich erst jetzt dazu, sie zu verkünden):

What should I say? I am enthousiastic!!!!!
Only one day after having sent the e-mail, I got answer from the States (so sorry, I didn't find the time earlier to post it):

Re: Moon Glow kit bought in July 2007 (invoice # 35472, PO
"We did have a dye lot of the greens that changed enough that it required re-shading. Unfortunately we had sent out a whole batch before we realized that it just wasn't right.The only place that you really need to make the replacement is in block 12 and the borders. Let me take look at our current fabrics and see what you will need to do that. I think with just one more fabrics, you can shift the colors to work.

I will get back to you later today or early next week. I will try to minimize the amount of reverse sewing that needs to be done..."

Das heißt im Klartext, ich darf mich auf einen kreativen Vorschlag freuen :-))


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Murgelchen94 hat gesagt…

Hallo Nadine, genial wie Du nähst und was Du nähst. Ich ziehe meinen Hut!!!
Ein frohes, neues Jahr 2009.